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Corporate news3


With the further development of sanitary ware, sanitary ware market pattern also is changing, dominated by diverse demand, some strength strong sanitary ware brand through the exploration of mature regional market model and copy, the terminal channels to expand to the whole country, and some of the sanitary ware, small and medium enterprises has struggled in the brand features, looking for a place of survival, has not lost the initiative


The change that decorate demand is the main reason that promotes emerging defend bath brand to appear. In recent years, the policy of limited purchase of real estate makes the market of wei yu subject to obvious influence, rigid demand becomes the mainstream demand in the market of wei yu gradually, the "good day" that the enterprise of wei yu waits for consumer no longer exists. The reduction of market demand prompts the brand to explore its own characteristics, and some featured enterprises stand out. At the same time, according to different consumer demand, the positioning of the sanitary ware market is gradually graded. Wei yu to look for zhongbo full - wei customization, the whole category of bathroom manufacturer.


In the past two years, some newly established sanitary ware brands are still in the initial stage of starting a business. The small scale enables them to adjust their business strategies and directions at any time according to the market situation. In the market of sanitary ware, some sanitary ware enterprises are small in scale, and the main customer group is the householder of the right house. Below this kind of circumstance, once medium and small sized wei yu enterprise enters a certain village through a door, can get a batch of customer through word of mouth sale, reduced the promotion cost such as sale, advertisement. In the price, the smaller scale and the smaller order quantity let the medium and small sized sanitary ware enterprises have greater control over the price, but easy to retain consumers. Wei yu to look for zhongbo full - wei customization, the whole category of bathroom manufacturers.



Cash flow and channels are the key factors for the development of bathroom enterprises. In recent years, some sanitary ware brands have introduced investment and introduced modern management systems, leading the industry to a new stage of development. After zhongbo quanwei customizes feeling bath industry to go toward sufficient competition, save industry resource, promote resource conformity, offer more excellent product and more close service are to defend bath company requirement place

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