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glass bowl wash basin factories qualified for exports
Foshan Easehome Building Materials Co., Ltd is among those Chinese glass bowl wash basin factories qualified for exports. We follow specific government regulations and has obtained permits and licences for exporting products. Our company has committed management teams as well as production capacity and financial capacity to be a competitive exporter.

Easehome enjoys a dominant position in the market. Easehome produces a number of different product series, including porcelain toilet. The design of Easehome porcelain sink is meticulous. It focuses on functional features such as rainwater leakage prevention, plus the consideration of light mapping, air penetration, heat insulation, and sound insulation. With a smooth surface, it is extremely easy to clean. The product has a low self-discharge rate. It is not easily affected by the inner or outer temperature, and its chemical components keep stably under low or high temperature. The product is extremely easy to install and maintain.

In order to attract more customers, our company will focus on the quality of customer satisfication. Get quote!
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