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How about the OEM service flow?
Foshan Easehome Building Materials Co., Ltd provides quality final products to customers through our OEM services. Understanding your needs means we always pay attention, bounce Ideas off of, and make new systems to provide you the edge over the competition. Delivered directly from our OEM team, the products benefit you by reduced manufacturing costs as well as a shorter Lead-time for product development.

Easehome has been more competitive for its skills at producing bathroom products and serving customers. Easehome has created a number of successful series, and glass bowl sink is one of them. After Easehome kitchen sink faucets is completed, quality and safety inspection will be carried out accordingly. It will be sent to a third-party testing organization which provides a professional evaluation in terms of electrical apparatus safety and electrical compatibility. The product comes with various dimensions to match different bathroom space. The product is characterized by its corrosion resistance. It has been treated with chemical or acid-base liquid to enhance its chemical properties. Its functionality is vital to our daily beauty and hygiene rituals.

our team only produce high class cases for the customers. Get an offer!
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