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How long it will take for ODM processing?
Compared with OEM processing, ODM processing requires longer time as it involves the process of product designing and new function R&D. Based on the assigned specifications and requirements posed by customers, Foshan Easehome Building Materials Co., Ltd is authorized to design and manufacture the products based on the contract. If you want a large quantity of ODMed products, then we will start a certain number of production lines to ensure fast production cycle. In this way, customers can get ODMed products as they want within the appointed time.

Easehome has been gradually leading bathroom products industry for its improving service and higher quality bathroom products. Easehome has created a number of successful series, and porcelain sink is one of them. Easehome porcelain products meets the industry safety standards for electrical devices. It has been tested to prove that its electromagnetic disturbance level, electrostatic discharge, and electric leakage control are within the stipulated limit. The product is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. our team will choose the most reliable cargo company for our customers to ensure punctual delivery time and low cost for freight. The product can save space without compromising its functionality.

our team repeatedly provides high-quality kitchen sink faucets for the world's famous brands. Get price!
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