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Indian customer Mr Manish Patel Visited Easehome Company


Indian customer Mr Manish Patel Visited Easehome Company 

On 15th-August, Mr Manish Patel with his two partners visit Foshan Easehome Building Materials Co.,Ltd. 

Mr Rumao, one of Mr Manish’s partner contacted Ms Carly from Easehome company a few days ago. Mr Rumao asked if Easehome make the ceramic art basin sink with colors and designs in wechat. Ms Carly said yes and welcome to visit us.

On 14th-August, Mr Rumao requested to pick them up from the hotel in Nanhai district,Foshan. Mrs Qusa and Ms Carly went to pick them up in the morning 9:30am in their hotel. About 10:30am they arrived Easehome Company. 

Mr Billy Shook hands warmly with Mr Manish and his partners.Mr Billy made a brief introduction of Easehome to them and main products and main markets. Mr Manish showed the ceramic art basin sink designs that they need. Mr Billy explained that most of the items we could make and showed a few similar items we have produced before for other clients. And the designs was normal and the colors could make same as customers’s. Mr Manish showed a lot of interesting that they wanted to visit the manufacture base.Mr Billy said we would quote them in 1 day and we’d like to take them to our manufacture base if prices is agreeable.

During the talking time, they had a happy tea time. Talked something about India and China culture difference. And Mr Manish invited  Mr Billy, Ms Carly,Mrs Qusa tested the Indian Tobacco he brought.

About 11:30am, Mr Manish and his partners had a group photo taken with Billy, Carly.

Mr Billy hook hands again with them when they left.

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