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Porcelain Sink

Porcelain sink is made of porcelain with over 1200 degree temperature with grazed finish. Pure white is the most popular color. The porcelain sink has one piece countertop basin sink, art sink, under mount sink, pedestal sink. It is a durable sink with variety sizes and designs.

One piece countertop sink is mostly matching the bathroom vanity or be all mounted separately with support. Art sink is mostly used on ready countertop and wall mounted as well. Under mounted sink is fixed under the bathroom countertop. Pedestal sink is free standing sink and back to wall sink. The one piece counter top sink can be white, bone, black, marble colors available. Art sink can be round, square, rectangular or other irregular shape with white, bone, black, gold, other craftwork design on it.

The under mount sink is oval ,round, square, rectangular shapes with white, bone, gold colors.

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